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Walleye Nation Rip-N-Glide

Walleye Nation Rip-N-Glide

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Through the ice or in open water, the Walleye Nation Rip-N-Glide delivers a unique darting action that triggers fish to respond, whether they're hungry or not. Darts up and out on the upstroke, then glides smoothly down to a full stop as the rod tip is lowered. High-impact plastic construction and an extra-strong lip ensure that the Rip-N-Glide will remain in tune and safe from damage. Extra-strong tail hook and belly treble.

  • Great for ice fishing or open water jigging
  • Strong darting action on the upstroke
  • Smooth glide on the downstroke
  • High-impact plastic body and lip
  • Extra-strong hooks
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