Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau, St Germain, Boulder Junction, and Manitowish Waters Fishing Report

ICE IS GONE!  Even on the big clear lakes it has disappeared.  Funny how a few 80 degree days in a row will do that.  Water temps are creeping up rather fast also.  Dark-water bodies are in the 50's already with most others in the mid to upper 40s.  We want those temps to gradually rise.  Any sudden spikes one way or another is not conducive to spawning activities. 
Since gamefish season is closed on most waters until the first weekend in May most of the anglers are targeting panfish.  You can fish for bass but it's catch and release.  The regulations for this year have not been finalized by the DNR yet.  We don't have any books yet either.  There's a lot of talk on changing limits on a lot of lakes.  We'll have to wait to see how that shakes out.
Are far as the panfish go, Crappies are doing pretty well right now.  Every lake has it's own personality but for the most part find the green weeds and the warmest water and you probably find them in the deeper water close by.  Spawning is a long way off for them.  Right now they are feeding and looking for as warm as water as they can find (normally the north end of the lake) to help with their egg production.  Throw everything at them, live bait and all sorts of plastics.  They'll let you know what they want.
Bluegill are rather stingy right now.  Some guys have been getting them but not many.  The key right now is being stealth.  That means very small ice jigs and small diameter fluorocarbon line.  Waxies, chunks of crawlers and hair jigs are productive.
Perch are doing ok right now.  Same MO as the bluegills.  Each lake has it's own personality on where they my be right now.  In most lakes they are gonna be in the weed edges avoiding the northern pike which are feeding heavily after just finishing their spawning activities.
Walleyes are pretty much done with the spawn right now.  The last few years we were able to catch them right after ice out in post-spawn but this year the tactics will have to change cuz they'll be way post-spawn by the Opener.
Get out there kids and enjoy this bonus fishing month we are getting.  We don't get a lot of Aprils so enjoy them when you can.  If I can find a break in checking in the boxes and boxes of summer inventory I'll be out there for sure!

Our minnow supply reflects the fish available this time of year.  As always, they all come direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. Right now we just have crappie minnows and fatheads.  Remember your first scoop of crappie minnows is always only $2 with a purchase of anything else in the store.  We also took our first delivery of jumbo night crawlers from Canada this past week.  Normally crawlers this time of year are smaller but these are awesome.  As always, they are available in 1dz, 2dz, 100ct and by the flat in dirt or bedding.  And we sell waxies in bulk tubs, too.
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- Friday, 4/9/2021