Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau, St Germain, Boulder Junction, and Manitowish Waters Wisconsin Ice Fishing Report

Well I'm glad it's finally the middle of June.  The fishing is pretty... wait, what?... it's the middle of July!  Can't be!  But it is.  Scheesh.  Finally the fish are really going to town.  Nice everything are being caught right now.  Except for Northern Pike.  They don't like the warmer water as well.  As always, each day is different for different species so be flexible.

Crappie are in the weeds on some lakes and schooled over deeper water on others.  They can be hard to pin point at times but tie on a 1/32 oz pink(ish) jig and tip it with a brown powerbait grub tail and go on the hunt.  Once you find them you can hunker down with a myriad of other baits.  But I gotta tell ya that pink jig and brown tail are a great way to find a lot of fish.  Everything will hit that combo, big fish and small.  Even bluegills will hit it but usually only the big ones will be able to latch on.  The smaller jig is the key though.  Anything heavier will really affect the drop and I believe will cut down your success tremendously.  Use a jig that has a bait-keeper on it like a VMC MoonEye jig and your plastic will last much longer.  Keep the head of the plastic tight to the head of the jig and if the tail gets nipped off replace it right away.

Crawlers and leeches are still king right now.  Pitching crawlers and slip-bobbering leeches are deadly combos.  Find those deep weedlines and set your bobbers to hang outside of them.  If you can find holes or gaps in the weeds throw your baits in there.  Walleye and bass especially are ambush creatures and hang around those gaps and holes waiting for bait to enter their kill zone.

Another good spot right now are deep wood and rocks, especially on the flowages.  River channel bends containing wood are great places for fish and their quarry to hide so get your bait down there.  Yes, you will lose some jigs but its the cost of doing business.

Water temps are still in the mid 70's most places.  Our comfortable weather looks like it going to continue for a while so take advantage and get out there and enjoy it with family and friends.  Like they say, if you're too busy to go fishing you're too busy!

We hope you can find the time to come in to the shop during your time here in the northwoods.  The number one comment we get is our guests can't believe the size of our selection. I put the photos up on the Facebook page.  Our selection is second to none anywhere in the northwoods. Our additional warehouse is finished now to help handle all the inventory we will have.   If you can't make it in you can always order from our website, www.deweycatchemandhow.com and we'll ship your order to you.  Lots of SPECIALS on Livescope right now and the Livescope Plus is in stock! Also, keep checking our Facebook page and the website for new arrivals.  The newest offerings from Garmin, Humminbird, Blackfish and others are just starting to trickle in.

Our normal weekly hours are:
Monday thru Thursday from 6am to 7pm
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Sunday from 6am to 6pm. 

Our minnows all come direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. Right now we have crappie minnows, regular fats, Tuffys (XL large fats), Blacktail chubs, redtail chubs, walleye suckers, northern minnows and some Musky suckers. We have plenty of waxies right now and leeches, Panfish and M/L & L/J.  It's been a tough year for leeches so far but the trappers are finally getting some super nice ones and they are in our tanks waiting for you by the dozen, 1/4, 1/2 and full pound.  Although it looks like we might not be getting anymore large or jumbos this year.  The crawlers are awesome right now.  Best I've seen over the last couple of years.  We sell them by the 12 ct, 24 ct, 100 ct and flat.  All come in bedding while flats come in dirt or bedding.  If you want a flat please call ahead so we can have it ready for you when you come, especially if you want the crawlers in bedding.  We also have great jumbo panfish worms.

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Jeff Bolander <jeff@deweycatchemandhow.com>
- Thursday, 7/21/22