Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau, St Germain, Boulder Junction, and Manitowish Waters Wisconsin open water and Ice Fishing Report

Well the ice conditions haven't improved much.  In fact, a few guys said it has gotten a little worse.  It is advised not to travel anywhere that hasn't seen traffic as the slush will be a real pain.  But in the traveled areas it isn't too bad.  We're hoping that the colder temps headed our way will improve on that report.  As you know, snow is a great insulator so the only slush that will be greatly affected by the cold will be the traveled areas where there is exposure.

The fishing is still good but the windows are dwindling.  Early and late are still the best for all species with smaller windows in the middle of the day.  Green weeds are key right now as they hold the oxygen that the bait fish are attracted to.  Therefore, that is where you'll find the fishies eating them. 

Don't overlook the deeper mud flats as there are a lot of fish dive-bombing for bugs there.  The fish there are harder to find as they are much more dispersed but when you do it's game on.

This time of year the fish start to get a little more lethargic as the oxygen starts to dwindle because of the snow cover stopping the sunlight from reaching the weeds. So I've found that lighter jigs and spoons with flash or glow starts to work better.  I don't often tout new baits but one that has caught my eye (pun intended) is the Dirty Bomb.  It looks a lot like the Northland Eye-ball spoon but it has a built-in light that flashes when it touches the water.  Many different light colors to choose from.  It's awesome.  Tip that sucker with a minnow head or plastic and you got yourself a winner.  Not that it works any better than a lot of other jigs but it's definitely another great choice in the arsenal.

Hey get out there and develop your favorite bait and the one you just gotta have.  That's the challenge to fishing.  Finding the right MO for that period of time you are on the water.  Get at it and do it with friends and family.  Now that's the only way!

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- Thursday 1/26/23