Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau, St Germain, Boulder Junction, and Manitowish Waters Wisconsin open water and Ice Fishing Report

Thursday 4/5/24


I think we are finally gonna get out of this winter.  You know how it is in the northwoods.  Winter always seems to go kicking and screaming into spring (or as we call it the mud and sand season).  If the forecasts hold we are looing at sun and 50's for as far out as they dare forecast.  Time to load up on bait and head out for crappie, gills, perch and largemouth and rock bass.  Just find the warmest water on the lake you can find and that's where they will be.  It's gonna be a while before the crappie and gills are spawning but they will still be looking around for choice spots to do so right now.  Look for staging areas outside of those spawning areas.

We kept most of our tungsten ice fishing jigs out this year as more and more folks are seeing the advantage of using them in open water.  Fast dropping, smaller profiles and easier for the fish to suck it make them an ideal bait.  I like to use the ones with hair or add hair to the jig.  That small flutter the hair makes is irresistible to the fish.  Naked or tipped with your favorite meat will do the trick.

Get the boats ready. I always take a maiden voyage out by myself to see what I forgot.  There always seems to be something.  And I'd rather have it happen to me than to me and a client or two.

I've started taking a few reservations for guiding this summer.  That always warms my bones.  Give a call and we'll get out and have some fun.  All the info is on the website at https://deweycatchemandhow.com/pages/northwoods-fishing-guide-service


The shop is pretty much set up for open water tactics now.  A few new items and a whole bunch of your favorite tried and true items are hanging on the hooks waiting for you to pick up.

Right now for live bait we have Crawlers, Wax worms, White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink & Multi-colored Spikes, Crappie Minnows, Regular Fatheads, XL Fatheads, Mousees AND LEECHES!  

Our hours are:
Monday thru Thursday - 6am to 6pm
Friday - 6am to 7pm
Saturday & Sunday - 6am to 5pm

We have to continue to squelch a few rumors.  The shop is still for sale.  Business is great but Linda and I are ready to ease into retirement.  WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!  If you have an interest in owning and operating the largest non-franchised bait shop in Wisconsin, call Jim Cheshire, Realtor, at 715-892-4223.

Jeff Bolander, owner of Dewey, Catchem and How Bait Shop and Guide Post
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