Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau, St Germain, Boulder Junction, and Manitowish Waters Fishing Report


Oh man, here we go. Snow on the ground this morning. I'm never ready for it. Saw a few deer mingling on our property looking like they were snorting cocaine off the fallen leaves. But my soul was redeemed when I ate breakfast on the lakeside of the house and watched 9, that's right 9, loons playing on the shoreline. I swear they were playing tag as most would go down, then come up again while the others headed under the surface. Amazing stuff.

The low temps and winter's wind has returned to the northwoods. A bunch of rain, too. All this making it pretty uncomfortable to fish out there. Not many fair weather fisherpeople out there either but there's a few. The good news is the Musky bite has been fabulous. Lots of multi-fish days are still being reported and some big ones, too. There's no magic formula for catching them other than you really need to drag a sucker around with you. The percentage of fish caught on the suckers is growing. Everybody is throwing everything and the size of the suckers used are mixed as well. Same as usual. Every guy thinks he knows the only way to catch a fish and they are all different and they are all right.

Walleyes have been pretty good lately for those who have been out. Deep humps off rocks coming up outa mud are producing real well. Find those bait fish. Lots of limits being taken on lots of different type of lakes.

Water temps are mostly in the low 50's and will be dropping quickly now. The weather forecast shows nothing but dropping temps, highs and lows, for the foreseeable future. This is good news for the fishing but bad news for fishing comfort. But who cares. Bundle up, stay dry and catch a big one. Everybody knows it's never cold when you're bringing in a big one. If you need warm clothing we have a complete selection of BLACKFISH and CLAM outerwear, parkas, bibs, gloves and hats.

To answer the often asked question of how's the sucker supply, it's good. Right now we have a good supply and our trapper has been pretty successful in getting quite a few so far this fall. And of course all of our Musky suckers are wild caught. No farm raised crap here.

So get out there. Bring me in a photo of your 50 incher. I've already seen 2 this year. And don't bother asking where they were caught! Later!

We still have some our jumbo crawlers left directly from Canada. Guys are still banging the panfish with them regularly. And we still have them in 100 count containers and 500ct flats. Our minnow supply is great which come direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. Right now we have crappie minnows, fatheads, XL fatheads (tuffys), Mud Minnows, Walleye Suckers, Northern Bait Minnows, and Blacktail Chubs. We also have a good selection of medium, large and extra large musky suckers. Again, all our suckers are wild caught. No middleman! Fresher and lower priced.
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Jeff Bolander <jeff@deweycatchemandhow.com>
- Thursday, October 15, 2020