Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau, St Germain, Boulder Junction, and Manitowish Waters Wisconsin Ice Fishing Report

Its colder than a witches patooty out there.  But bundle up, put up the shelter, turn on the propane heater and get out there.  The fishing is still pretty good.  Windows are shrinking a bit but the bite is still worth it.  Walleyes are in the 6 to 10ft of water on GREEN weed lines.  There's also a good perch bite in the 10 to 12 foot GREEN weed edge.  If you can find 12 to 18 foot of water without too much slush you should find some nice gills.  If you drive out you need to be careful.  Not much more ice than 11 inches on the flowages and 15" or so on most lakes.  Chains are becoming a must because of the slush.  Not so much slush that you can't fish but enough to make travel a little difficult.  There just hasn't been a lot of ice manufactured lately.
Fatheads and suckers have been working well for walleye on the flowages with shiners working well on the lakes.  And larger minnows in thick weeds have produced some real nice northern pike. 
The best times are still late and early.  The 'overnight' guys are still doing well but smaller windows are prevalent.  But I always try to at least stay past the red zone.  When the sky turns red after the sun goes down and you can barely see your flags, that's the red zone.  Most of the time the bite will last 30 to 60 minutes after that, then cool down for a while and then pick back up again.  We've found the best places to be are inside weed lines next to big basins.  We feel the fish hang out in the basin and then come up into the weeds to feed on the bait hiding in there.  Gotta be green weeds though.  Jigging spoons, tip-ups, tip-downs and all manner of jackers will let you fish more holes.
Speaking of holes, they tend to freeze up pretty quickly this time of year.  Joey and I have a generator that we fire up at night and put the hose tips into the holes to keep them open.  And for the holes that we can't reach we put CLAM's lithium ion aerator in the hole.  Not the aerator, the hose tip.  Since it is LI it is rechargeable via a wall socket or a USB port.  Now your not spending a fortune on batteries.  It's only $39.99, too.  And of course the ICE STOPPER system works real well too.  Com'on in and we'll show you how to use it.

We hope you can find the time to come in during your time in the northwoods.  Although dwindling fast, we still have almost all the shacks and hubs from CLAM and Otter and they're all being marked down a bit.. The number one comment we get is our guests can't believe the size of our selection. If you've had your eye on something but missed out on it last year, get it now.  We've already sold out of a couple of Clam and Otter  Flip-overs and Hubs. Almost all of the vendor factories like Strikemaster, CLAM, Otter and others are sold out already.  What that means is once we're out there ain't gonna be no more.  The 24v Strikemasters are again a hot item this year.  We still have plenty but and few go out the door everyday.  We are building an additional warehouse to handle all the inventory we will have.  They've promised me it would be done next week.  I won't hold my breath... It's not finished yet so we are a little crowded inside. If you can't make it in you can always order from our website, www.deweycatchemandhow.com and we'll ship your order to you.  Also, keep checking our Facebook page and the website for new arrivals.  For example, we just got a bunch of Humminbird Mega 360 and Mega Live Ice kits, the C-890 hubs and another load of Livescope Ice Bundles.  All are discounted and ready to go.

Our store hours are now M-F 6am to 7pm, Sat and Sun 6am to 6pm..  Our minnows all come direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. Right now we have crappie minnows, large fatheads, Rosie Reds, Redtail chubs, XL fatheads (Tuffys), Blacktail chubs, Northern minnows, S-M-L Golden shiners, M-L River Shiners and Walleye Suckers. We still have Jumbo panfish worms, spikes and wax worms. As always, we sell waxies and spikes in bulk tubs, too.

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Jeff Bolander <jeff@deweycatchemandhow.com>
- Thursday, 1/20/2021