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Summit HD Shuttle Docking System with LarMac 360

Summit HD Shuttle Docking System with LarMac 360

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The Summit HD Shuttle dock allows you to safely and securely mount your Summit shuttle to many different surfaces. Made from 1/4" aluminum, featuring full stainless latch and lock system with 2 pre drilled mounting patterns. HD shuttle inserts included. We are proud to offer the Larmac 360 rotating track mount assembly as well as pre-drilled holes for the Attwood seat base (Attwood SWIVL-EZE LakeSport 2-3/8" Seat Mount w/Friction Control 818440).  Our custom upper latch hooks pull straight down on the top of the shuttle while the lower 550lb rated latches lock securely. Engineered to take the toughest conditions around.  Mounting patterns:

  • Larmac  4 - 1/4" 82deg Countersunk holes 1 3/4"x 2 1/4"
  • Attwood 4 - 5/16" 82 deg  Countersunk holes 5"x5"

The Larmac 360 allows for 360 degree rotation while mounting the Summit shuttle dock to a 3" track system (Traxtech, Berts, Cisco).

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