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RLVNT Navigator Series Sunglasses

RLVNT Navigator Series Sunglasses

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  • The Navigator frame from RLVNT is molded with elite craftsmanship and functionality for those of us who desire freedom in our eyewear!
  • Designed for function, the Navigator is a complex masterpiece of manufacturing, with its injection molded ultra durable frame and rubberized lower temple tips ensuring comfort and long lasting design!
  • Available in a wide variety of frame color and lens color/type combinations, there is sure to be a Navigator for you!

- See images for detailed breakdown of RLVNT Lens Technology or see the table - below for a summarized look at RLVNT Lens Technologies!

 Lens Type
The Brown Lens Designed for environments with heavy greenery and cloud cover! Forests/Lakes/Rivers
The Chameleon Lens Provides undisturbed view of screens and changes color based on amount of light! Anywhere
The Grey Lens Designed for very bright bluer environments that are in full sun!  Ocean/Tropics
 Lens Color Description
Best Use
Freshwater Blue Ideal for sight-fishing and will enhance reds, browns and golds and turn down blue.
Coastal Fishing
Freshwater Green Ideal for sight-fishing and will enhance violets, indigos and reds and turn down green, blue and yellows. Heavy Green Waters
Freshwater Red Ideal for sight-fishing and will enhance green and blue objects and turn down reds. Muddy/Reddish Waters
Rose Gold Multifunctional lens that will enhance blues and greens and turn down reds and oranges. Hybrid/Any Use
Hardwater Bronze Gives full coverage in even the brightest of conditions. Bright/Snowy Conditions
Concealment Absorbs UV light while concealing your eye movements from prey. Hunting
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