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MarCum VS485C Underwater Camera

MarCum VS485C Underwater Camera

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See the fish and vegetation clearly and in real-time with the MarCum VS485C Underwater Camera. With this fish finder system, you'll enjoy a 7-inch, high-resolution flat-panel LCD screen for clear viewing of what is swimming around. The Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3-inch Image Sensor 01 Lux Camera captures high-resolution footage for displaying on the screen. You have two color options when using the ice fishing camera. When the water is clear, view in full-color mode, but when the water becomes murky, switch to black-and-white mode to maintain a crisp, clear image. Try the MarCum VS485C Underwater Camera this ice fishing season.

  • 50 ft. of camera cable
  • High-resolution display
  • Underwater camera viewing system
  • Real-time video of fish and vegetation 
  • Ability to switch between full-color and black-and-white
  • Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3-in. Image Sensor Lux 01 Camera
  • Darkwater® LED lighting technology for better viewing in low-light conditions
  • Color Resolution: 800 x 480px
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Screen: 7 in. widescreen flat panel
  • Sun shield
  • Soft pack shuttle case
  • 3-stage battery charger
  • 12-volt 7-amp rechargeable battery

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