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Jiffy Ice Scout

Jiffy Ice Scout

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•    2-1/2" Ice Drill Designed to Quickly, Safely and Effectively Measure the Depth of Ice

•   2-1/2" Cutting Blade Bores Through Ice Fast

•  Color-Coded Scale Visually Indicates the Thickness of the Ice in Inches

•  Check Early and Season-Long Ice Conditions for Your Safety

•  35" Long, Lightweight and Conveniently Fits Most Gear Bags

•  Meets Most State DNR Guidelines for Safe Ice (Check your state for variance)

•  Punches the Perfect Size Holes to Fit Transducers, Cameras, Poles and Markers for Directing Ice Traffic

•    Perfect Emergency Tool for Any Ice Rescue

•   3/8” Hex Bit Works with Your Cordless Drill

•   Triangle Sight Indicates Direction of Blade Edge. Use the Blade Edge to Grip the Underside of the Ice Layer

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