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JBO Rattler 4"

JBO Rattler 4"

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The JB Rattler is an exceptional lure for big bass, lunker pike, and muskies in a wide variety of conditions, but it is most effective for muskies early in the season. Fish it on 50 to 65 pound braid, large baitcasting gear and a long rod 7' 9" to 8 1/2 feet. Make long casts over flats and reel the bait just fast enough to keep it above weeds or other bottom debris. This bait also works very well in windy weather over shallow rock reefs and points. Casting it parallel to the edge of deep weed edges is an underrated tactic in the fall, and also tags many bonus big bass and pike.  

This lure is a perennial favorite of many musky tournament anglers both north and south. Most recently, angler Steve Genson won a musky tournament on Kentucky's Cave Run on using the JB Rattler.

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