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Innovative Tip-Down Ice Fishing System Green

Innovative Tip-Down Ice Fishing System Green

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Meet Your New Favorite Ice Fishing Setup.

It’s Compact and Easy to Use.

The Innovative Tip-Down is a three-part ice fishing system that is compact when stored and easy to use when set up.

Each Innovative Tip-Down comes with the following parts:

  • The storage tube, which holds the rod and base.
  • The rod, which is 20" long. It’s stiff, but still bends for superior hooking.
  • The base, which supports the Tip-Down, harnesses the rod, and screws into the storage tube.

The storage tube is hard plastic. It has an extendable rod holder that can be set as high as 36" or as low as 24". The extendable holder has a lanyard for easily pulling the holder out of the tube and for easy handling when moving the set-up. It slides up and down easily but will never slip. The pivot pin of the rod sits in the holder’s upper notches.

The rod is 20" and has line guides including a special line guide just above the reel to prevent spool tangles. The reel has a folding handle for easily reeling in your line and lure. Each reel can handle over 100 feet of line.

When a fish strikes, the rod goes down and stays down as long as the fish is on. If the fish lets go, the rod will come back up. If the rod tips down to it's maximum position, the fish can freely take line out.

The base features four rotating legs that support the tip-down on the ice. Folding the legs in creates a harness for the rod. The rod slips between the legs and the legs fold into a 4-notch "rod lock" that surrounds the pole. The rod lock also has a place to put the hook. Once each leg is folded into the rod lock, the base slides in to the storage tube and then screws tight.

The result is a lightweight 24" tube that is 2" in diameter and can fit easily into a sled, backpack, tote, etc.—all in one piece.

The Innovative Tip-Down is made for hand-over-hand retrieval; fish can’t be reeled in. This allows the rod to be as light as possible so the fish can easily pull it down. It also ensures that the rod qualifies as a strike signaling device, rather than a jigging pole.

Each rod has a hollow end with a cap where hooks and sinkers can be stored. This allows bait setups to be changed quickly and easily. Extra weight can be added to the storage area when fishing in deep water and heavier sinkers are needed to get to the desired depth.

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