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Eskimo E40 10" Steel Electric Auger 40v

Eskimo E40 10" Steel Electric Auger 40v

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Eskimo E40 Steel Electric Auger

The toughest part of ice fishing shouldn't be drilling holes. At just under 18 lbs., the E40™ steel delivers the full power capability of 40V in an ultra-light package, like never before in it's class. With Eskimo's history of developing reliable ice augers since 1960, this new auger does everything it needs to do, and nothing it doesn't. It's a balanced, mobile, all-around workhorse with the power to cut all day. The variable speed trigger allows for finesse at the top of the hole, while the Turbo™ blades deliver a fast, smooth finish at the bottom. The E40 delivers trusted, full 40V power to get the most out of your next trip out on hard water.

For a limited time, in addition to the battery that comes standard with the auger, Scheels is including a second battery free.


  • FULL POWER 40V - A powerful 40V motor designed to get the most holes out of a lithium powered auger.
  • VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER - Trigger can be dialed back to slower speeds, ideal for minimizing the mess of ice shavings inside shelters or wheelhouses.
  • 4 AMP-HOUR LITHIUM BATTERY - Designed for cold weather performance.
  • 2-AMP CHARGER - Re-charges 4Ah batteries in approximately 2 hours.
  • REVERSE TOGGLE SWITCH - Flush the slush down freshly cut holes with the reverse toggle switch.
  • LED DRILLING LIGHT - A bright LED illuminates underneath the powerhead when in use.
  • TURBO HIGH SPEED CUTTING SYSTEM - Multi-edge blades provide a smooth and efficient cutting experience on new holes, or when re-drilling old ones.
  • ESKIMO® RELIABILITY - Like our other power augers, features a 5-year warranty for the auger and powerhead, and a 3-year warranty for the battery.


  • Lightest steel auger in its class at 19.3 lbs (10") or 17.5 lbs (8")
  • Blade cover is included


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