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13 FreeFall XL / Omen Ice Combo

13 FreeFall XL / Omen Ice Combo

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Built for brawn and not for the feeble, the Omen Ice and Freefall XL combo excels at kicking predator ass. The 36 ton graphite blanks are designed to deliver the optimum balance between strength and sensitivity. Combined with the supersized, larger capacity, more powerful Freefall XL outfitted with the patented Freefall Performance Window to manage the line while you battle the beast on the other end. Our custom Evolve ported reel seat and thin wire guides polish off the tool of big game acquisition keeping the weight down while the strength is maximized.

  • 9.9 lbs Max Drag
  • FreeFall Performance Window
  • Slide Drag System
  • Graphite Frame Construction
  • Aluminum Spool
  • Drop Speed Control
  • Instant Stop Anti-Reverse
  • Tangle Free Spool Cap
  • 3.0:1 Gear Ratio

  • J36T Blank
  • Evolve Ported Reel Seat
  • Portuguese 3A Cork Handle
  • Evolve Thin Wire Guides
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