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As we enter the last week of game fish season which closes at midnight on March 3rd, we have pretty poor ice fishing conditions. Ice thickness is great but with the almost 30" of snow we've gotten over the last week or so, the snow depth and slush are really inconvenient. Basically there is no good vehicular travel on the ice right now. Everything will get stuck, even those big track machines. Your only chance to get out there now is to go out on a well used and packed snowmobile trail and get off a short distance to fish. Water will come up thru your hole right away so make sure you are wearing good waterproof boots that can traverse at least a foot or so of water.

As far as the fishing goes, it's hard to tell. You can't move very much cuz it's just too much work. If you go out for a few hours it can take you an hour to get setup on your first hole which does make you want to move to another very often. Not a lot of folks out right now. Those that are don't seem to be catching very much consistently. A few good reports here and there but not many. The good news is I fished 5 times last week and the fishing improved each day. But I gotta be honest, not very much action.

With the thick ice and snow, light conditions are dim, no pun intended. The weeds are dying faster now and those dying weeds give off carbon dioxide. That makes the fish very lethargic, just as you and I would be if we were short on oxygen. But the fish are still there, just not moving much. One of the answers if to find deeper water and green weeds. Those green weeds will be giving off oxygen so the fish attracted to them will be much more active.

So if you see someone doing the snow dance, slap'em in the back of the head and say "enough already!" We need to start doing the sun dance and melt some of this snow pack down. We only have a little more than two months before the Opener on May 4th!
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- Monday, February 25, 2019 at 11:32:10 (PST)

All in all we've had a beautiful early summer weather-wise. Catching fish or not it's hard not to enjoy a day on the water with this weather. And yes, fortunately the bite has stayed very good on almost all species. But as usual there seems to be a different dominate species each day. I never could figure out how you could catch mostly walleye one day, the next mostly bass and the next mostly bluegill, on the same lake with the same presentations. Good question. Solve that one and you could get rich.

The only weather we've had lately that affected the fishing were the storms we got that poured 8-10 inches of water on our northwoods. Those really sent the flowages into a mucky flow and a lot of lakes too! I fished one lake today that is normally pretty clear but it looked like a lake in southern Illinois, all brown and mucky. We had to have the bait right in front of their noses to get a bite as the visibility was pretty bad.

Crawlers and leeches have been the bait of choice in my boat lately. Minnows work but are hard to keep alive in the warm weather. The plastics are starting to work better too. Small twisters to large rib worms and wacky worms are producing fish. Cranks are still working pretty good but mostly for me the surface baits have been king in this arena.

Knock on wood I hope the bite continues. It's been a very good year so far and looking at the weather coming up I see no reason why it can't continue. The basic advice stays the same. Fish green weeds next to deep water, the higher the sun in a cloudless sky go deeper, the less wind there is cast out farther and for goodness sake, HAVE FUN!!!
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- Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 14:18:01 (PDT)

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